Villa w Ljubljana

560,59 sq.m., None bedrooms

€ 550,000


A property in Rožna Dolina is available together with the Domus Conclusus project!

The Domus Conclusus Project: This is a truly unique urban villa, an intimate oasis that turns the complexity of the location to its advantage and offers residents complete privacy in the embrace of a green garden. From the point of entry to the plot, where the architectural design of the classic courtyard and driveway in front of the villa, cleverly placed under the building, where the views of the garden and which is much more than a garage, is already a real hallway of living spaces. Ambiental diversity winds through all the floors, creating floor bays and completely private atriums all the way to the terrace, where the view opens 360 degrees all the way from the Rožnik Forest to the villas in Rožna Dolina. The two units are intertwined in such a way that they can live completely separate lives or can be transformed into fully connected in further design.

More about the property: The possibility of building a luxuriously designed villa, the location of which will be located in the prestigious part of Ljubljana, in Rožna Dolina. This will allow you to stay in an intimate green environment and only a short drive away from the city center. There are prestigious villas in the vicinity, various embassies and residences, but the villa designed in the project will stand out for its architectural perfection as well as for its quality construction and choice of modern materials and technologies.

As a residence, it allows for a very wide range of modifications within the designed exterior dimensions of the building. It is possible to install a smaller wellness area, a study room with a separate entrance, and the use of the first and second basements is a matter for the end-user. The possibility of two completely separate or meaningfully connected units is also open.

The architecture of the building was designed by renowned architect Andrej Mercina, architectural bureau TRIIIJE, which, on the basis of more than 60 years of tradition, creates unique spatial designs based on the interplay of tradition and modernity, as well as the specifics of their clients, which are spiced up in the design process by the creativity of the design team. With its involvement in the widest range of design tasks from landscape architecture, classical architecture through interior design to branding, the bureau enables modern syntheses of a holistic approach to design. With projects geographically extending from India through the Middle East to Europe and clients ranging from major brands such as Karl Lagerfeld, Philip Morris to Work with Young People (Renovation of the LPP Bus to a Mobile Youth Center) and numerous personal stories from individual clients, we sensitively combine all the diversity of our time into strong, coherent, but above all, simply pleasing spatial designs.

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Technical features: two apartments, two elevators, large terrace, glass facade, vibrant architecture, the openness of the building - fewer walls, and more!

Surface layout:

Basement 2: Utility and large storage separately for each unit.

Basement 1: Each unit has 2 covered parking spaces with corridor and elevator

Ground floor:
The larger unit has a master bedroom on the ground floor with its own wardrobe, bathroom and sauna. In addition, there is another smaller utility on this floor.
The smaller unit has a master bedroom on the ground floor with its own wardrobe and bathroom. In addition, there are 2 bedrooms on this floor that share one bathroom.

1st floor
The larger unit has upstairs2 bedrooms that share one bathroom. There is a smaller atrium between the two bedrooms, and one of the bedrooms has its own smaller terrace overlooking the indoor park.
The smaller unit has a kitchen upstairs with a connected living room, toilet, lounge and study.

2nd floor
This floor belongs entirely to a larger unit, where there is a cabinet, bathroom, kitchen, separate living room of 60m2 with access to a terrace of 75m2.

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Property Details

Typ puli: Nie
Rysuj spację: 464
Liczba pokoi: -
Liczba podłogi: -
Rodzaj parkingu: Otwórz
Rok budowy: 2019

Location Ljubljana

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