Land w Budva

€ 1,200,000



Plot for sale in Budva, Montenegro.

The area of the land plot is 958m2. There is one old house on the plot, in bassement 140m2 bruto space, on the tree levels, plus  commercial space in total 61m2. This is what is written in Property list, which is clear and without any obstacles. 10 min. by walk until voterfront line.

The area of Urbanistic plot is 870,25m2, and according current DUP (detailed urbanistic plan)    You can built an object in basement 348m2 ( 40% caverage) on four levels (P+2+Pk), plus under ground floor(suteren) which can be covered to 100% of urbanistic parcel. As far as the underground floor has a huge potential for commercial use ( for sale or rent ), than car garage will be under the 'suteren' which is on the level of lower road (we have two roads aroud the plot).

G+S+P+2+Pk at this moment.

-G (garage) level ,which can be to 100% of coverage ; 700-800m2 brutto

-S (suteren) level, which is in the level of lower road but under the

higher road and can be also 100% of the coverage of urbanistic plot;

700-800m2 bruto -P ( ground flour), is in the level of higher road

with the maximum of bruto construction of 348m2

-2 flors x 348m2 = 696m2

-Pk (attic) can be whith the roof top and also 348m2 Also, there is

"posibility" for one more level of 348m2 like in neighbourghod  parcels.

Property details

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