House w Dobra Voda

€ 1,250,000



Great new villa is for sale. The villa is located in the Dobra Voda on the first line.

On the seventh floor there is the master bedroom with a balcony and a private bathroom.

On the sixth floor there is also a bedroom with a balcony and a bathroom.

On the fifth floor there are two bedrooms with private bathrooms. One of the bedrooms has a living room with the balcony.

On the fourth floor there is the main entrance to the building, a bedroom and a small pantry.

On the third floor there is a living room with fireplace, WC and a bedroom with a bathroom.

On the second floor are a laundry room with washing machine, ironing board and cupboards for storing linen and towels. Also on this floor is a sauna, relaxation room and a boiler room.

On the first floor there is a home theater and a conference room.

On the ground floor there is a kitchen-dining room, fully equipped kitchen appliances, furniture and accessories.

From the dining room you can go down to the pool, which is installed near the grill and recreation area.

Villa is equipped with satellite TV and high-speed internet and alarm system.

Excellent view of the sea.

The "Veliki Pijesak" beach is located near the villa.

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Dobra Voda

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