Apartment w Palanga

€ 43,000


The apartment is finished.
Exterior walls: Gas silicate wall blocks 24 cm, 20 cm insulation.
The inner wall: concrete block masonry units 10 10 cm to 5 cm of mineral wool, partitions - silicate and expanded clay blocks 10 cm, external finish - not plastered.
Plates 22 cm thick reinforced concrete slabs with a monolithic inserts.
Plastic windows, with sills inside.
Balcony: Eternit panel trim, floors - concrete.
The floors are aligned.
The bathrooms on a concrete leveling layer of waterproof layer.
Installed floor.
The residential complex is located in a quiet area of ​​Palanga, the sea is just a 20-minute walk.
Around the complex has a lot of trees and greenery.
Very near the best in the 300 meters in Palanga Medical Center.
Near kindergarten, school, shops, playgrounds for children.
Apartment complex consists of two five-storey buildings.
Each house on 75 apartments.
Great choice of 1-bedroom, 2-room and 3-room apartments (some of the apartments on the first floor with outdoor terrace and outputs them directly from the apartments).
The complex has a children's playground, landscaped and fully landscaped environment to the highest quality standards.
Under the houses built underground bonded investment area for cars, from which you can climb using lifts to any floors of the house.
In the inner yard also contains a large aboveground bonded investment area for cars.
The area is fenced, with automatic gates for entry into the territory of the complex.
Centralized urban heating, individual metering, heating equipment - steel radiators.
Ventilation air entering the room is done in a natural way.
city ​​water.
Urban sewers, PVC pipe.
Counters for electricity.
The apartment is connected to the intermediate electrical panel complete with switches and sockets.
On each floor is set low voltage network (TV, telephone, Internet).
The apartment-house is equipped with an intercom.
Entrance doors of the apartments - steel.
Installed inside the door of the apartment.
"Schindler" a high-speed elevators.
Elevator is connected to the control room.

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