Services w Pieksamaki

€ 121,000


An operating physiotherapy center with a long-term tenant, in Pieksyamaki.
The total area is 167 sq.m. The building was built in 1987. The cabin has recently been renovated. The salon includes: physiotherapy center, neurological physiotherapy, Pilates.
Pieksämäki (Finnish: Pieksämäki) is a town and municipality in the province of Southern Savo in Finland. The population is 18,877 (2015). The area of the city is 1836.40 km2, of which the water surface occupies 266.56 km2. The population density is 12.03 people/km2. Pieksyamaki borders municipalities such as Hankasalmi, Joroinen, Juva, Kangasniemi, Leppavirta, Mikkeli, Rautalampi and Suonenjoki.
The salon is located in the city center.
The cost of the object is 121,000 euros + the tax on the transfer of ownership is 2,420 euros. It is necessary to open a Finnish company for which real estate will be purchased. Its cost is 5,000 euros + the cost of registration is 500 euros. Total income (13 %) : 16,072.08 euros per year + 1002 euros per year = 17,074.08 euros per year. Annual rent indexing. Utility bills, including property tax: 11,022 euros per year (5.5 euros per sq.m. per month). Net profit - 6,052.80 euros per year (5%). Additional information is available upon request. For this property, no commission is charged from the acquirer, you only pay the price indicated by the owner in Finland.

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Centrum Miasta
Liczba lokali
Obecnie funkcjonuje
Typ własności
Okres spłaty
5 %
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