Land w Nova Gorica

€ 520,000


### Project's advantages


- Lack of and high demand for apartments in this region
- Perfect location near the main express road
- Located in the vicinity of the existing settlements and the necessary infrastructure


- Construction land measuring 12.374 m2 and 701 m2 of agricultural land 
- Certificate of land use permit


### Location

- Slovenia is a central European country, capital city is Ljubljana
- Slovenia - ranked 4th safest country in the world
- Slovenia has a unique position in Europe (crossroads Europe – Balkans. Door to the region)
- Micro location is unique due to its proximity to the city of Nova gorica and Italian border. Above all it is located in a beautiful environment surrounded by countless vines of the surrounding hills.

Distances from location:

- Ljubljana (SLO) = 100 km
- Koper (SLO)   =   90 km
- Trieste (ITA)   =   50 km
- Venice (ITA)   =   145 km
- Italian border =  1 km

### Property description

- Total surface of the property is 13.075 m2. (12.374 m2 of construction land and 701 m2 of agricultural land)
- The property consists of forrest and grassland
- The land is suitable for the construction of a residential building settlement with a  kindergarden and a playground
- Land also has a certificate of land use permit for constructing a residential settlement

### Disclaimer

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Property details

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