Studio w Herceg Novi

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The apartment is located in a low-rise modern Mediterranean style village. Total area 4,500 sq.m. There are a total of 9 houses in the complex, although visually there are only six of them (three objects are doubled). Each building has a separate building permit. The complex does not have a single repetitive layout. Even within the same building, the upper and lower apartments differ from each other by the presence of terraces and additional rooms.
The studio apartment is located on the fourth floor - 26 sq.m. The apartments have panoramic non-overlapping sea views. Free parking space is provided for the apartment. The surrounding area is completely terraced and lined with natural stone. Three large swimming pools for adults and a swimming pool for children are the decoration of the complex, around the pools there are recreation areas, a playground, a barbecue area and gazebos for relaxation. The purest water from the mountain river is poured into the pools. In summer, when it is especially hot, you can swim not only in the pool, but also in the river itself, and the crowns of trees above it protect from direct sunlight. In this sense, the position of the complex is unique and together with the landscape design creates a cozy and unique microclimate for vacationers.
The decoration of the apartments is included in their price and is made of high quality ceramics and parquet. In places where tiles are laid on the floor there is underfloor heating. The finishing and equipment of the bathrooms is completely turnkey. All communications are brought out to the places where kitchens are installed, but the kitchen itself is not included in the price. In those buildings in which the finishing has not yet been completed, finishing is possible at the request of the customer.
The daily life of the complex is served and maintained by the Management Company. Its tasks include maintaining the safety and security of the property of the complex and its residents, organizing and maintaining the uninterrupted functioning of all technical systems, maintaining the water in the pools in proper sanitary condition, cleaning the territory, removing garbage, providing information and consulting services, assistance in arranging apartments, providing a wide range of paid services, such as window cleaning, additional furnishing of apartments, etc.

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Herceg Novi

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