Land w Santa Teresa Gallura

€ 1,320,000


A camping area for tents, motorhomes and caravans in Santa Teresa di Gallura (Olbia-Tempio), loc. Li Lucianeddi. The complex includes the following properties: Restaurant / Bar, with swimming pool and toilets; Office-quarters; Bar / nursery / warehouse; Bungalows, bathrooms and showers and common facilities. The good is sold as seen. Therefore the view is strongly recommended. All subsequent sales charges are to be borne by the buyer and are to be sold prior to the signing of the translational act of the property. All sales made through auctions on and are subject to the provisions of the civil code relating to sales forces. The price must be paid within and not later than the deadline set by the Chief Judge or the Custodian, as a result of the waiver of the award and the loss of the deposit. For more information and inquiries please contact the bankruptcy trustee Dr. Claudio Ciriello, Alessandria, Corso Crimea 35, tel. 0131.235994, email [email protected]. To view Expertise and other Documents, visit the Court's website. References Judicial Auction: Court of Alexandria - RGE: 2014/133. Judge: Pierluigi Mela - Liquidator: Ciriello Claudio - Deposit Method: Wire, Credit Card - Auction Hearing: 15/12/2017 12.00 - Offers Increase: € 5.000,00.

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Santa Teresa Gallura

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