House w Savonlinna

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FOR SALE is a private house located 300 meters from the incredible huge lake Saimaa. There is an official permit for the use of the shore, a place for a boat and a shore for swimming.
The plot of about 2250 sq.m. is located in an insanely beautiful place, 74 km from the city center, a place for complete creation.
The house is suitable both for cottages and for year-round living, the coast is oriented to the east. A beautiful beach 300 meters from the house, there is a lot of space around for picking berries and mushrooms. A quiet and cozy place, without through traffic.

The house has electric heating.In the living room there is a large oven made by Tulikivi, which can be used not only for heating, but also for cooking.

Sauna with a wood-burning stove and a large water barrel for swimming.
The house has all utilities and antenna systems.Optionally , you can install a satellite antenna .
There is also a warehouse with a utility room and a cellar on the plot.
There are currant bushes in the yard. In the backyard, you can install anything that comes to your mind.
With real estate, fishing rights are transferred to you. There is a pier on the shore to get to the shore with a boat.

Nearby there is a restaurant, a shop and a recreation center. There are also many beautiful nature trails and national parks .

Savonlinna is one of the most beautiful places in Finland. Peace and quiet or active recreation - in Savonlinna you can relax in different ways.
Lakes, forests and the picturesque landscapes surrounding them give the traveler excellent opportunities to enjoy nature all year round.

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built in 1952, renovated in 2000.

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